Being an ordained and anointed Guru in the spiritual tradition of Kriya Yoga, Gurudev teaches and imparts Kriya Yoga techniques directly to His disciples. He always emphasizes the ideal of His esteemed Guru Sri Hariharanandaji that “an ounce of practice is further better than tons of theory”. This is why He never puzzles the disciples and seekers with the complex spiritual dogmas and jugglery of vocabularies.

His distinctive way of clarifying all doubts from the devotee’s mind with effortless ease and coherency complements His unique style of teaching. His simple, straight forward and meticulous way of teaching has transformed innumerable lives. He always leads by example. Gurudev’s ineffable wisdom conveyed through His teachings act as enlightening nectar in the disciple’s life and that of all spiritual seekers.

Gurudev is an eloquent and articulate discourser. When He expatiates, all the devotees are left astonished in awe and amazement. He personally grace His disciples and devotees every weekend at His residence in Belgharia, Kolkata (also known as Kriya Yoga Mission). Besides, He forever remains in the purview of approach to all disciples through various methods of online communication.

He often guide and impart His teachings to the disciples residing in foreign countries through Skype. His keen and kind communicativeness further consolidates the Guru-disciple relationship. Such close communication and guidance received from Him is inexplicably beneficial for all practitioners. He also connotes the importance of being in regular contact with the Guru to overcome the hurdles and impediments in the practitioner’s path.

Gurudev initiates true spiritual seekers from all over the world, irrespective of nationality, religion, cast, creed, sect and gender, directly into the techniques of Kriya. He often travels throughout India to propagate Kriya Yoga and to initiate seekers nationwide. He always maintains the traditional secrecy of Kriya Yoga as a top priority and inculcates the same in His disciples. He constantly reminds the disciples about the significance of offering love and devotion to Guru as the prior and foremost requisite in the advancement of sadhana.

During initiation, Gurudev activates the sleeping Kundalini Energy within the disciple’s body by imparting and infusing His divine energy. Besides this, He also negets the bad and harmful effects of the disciple’s past karmic deeds to catalyze his or her spiritual growth. His grace and benevolence bestowed upon His disciples have enabled them to overcome physical, psychological and other practical constraints of the inescapable material world that otherwise would have hindered their spiritual upliftment.