The book entitled Kriya Yoga authored by Sri Swarupananda Brahmachari in three languages – Bengali, English and Hindi – has received wide circulation and immense popularity over time. This book appeals its uniqueness due to its original content and composition based on Gurudev’s direct experiences and perceptions. The precise detailing, intelligently compiled chapters, simple presentation and profound explanations have conceded this book as a must read for every spiritual seeker. Gurudev has beautifully elucidated in this book the feelings of various stages of Kriya Yoga along with its benefits and spiritual significance in present time. He also signified in this book the effectiveness of regular Kriya practice on the physical body, its relation to the hormonal glands and its extensive potential towards empowering the mind. He has also discussed briefly about the different life-currents (Vayus) and the 5 sheaths (Pancha Koshas) comprising the gross and subtle bodies of a human being.

In April 2013, the first edition of the book was published in Bengali version that went out of print within a short span of time and had to be reprinted soon. The scientific approach of this book together with its precise content made it a high demanding book. As per repeated requests from devotees and seekers all over the world, later two other versions of the book – English and Hindi – have been published, the English version being first published on April 2018 and the Hindi version was first published on January 2020. The ease of comprehensiveness, lucidity and brevity of the book and its cogent exposition has been highly appreciated and acclaimed by a variegated readership comprising both kriyavans and non-kriyavans. Needless to say that this book has not only attracted many into the path of Kriya Yoga, but has also transformed the mindset of many towards spirituality.

The books are available for purchase at online stores like Amazon and Flipkart. The English version is the only one at present to be available as Amazon Kindle Edition that will help the devotees staying outside India to a great extent by removing the expensive courier cost and zero waiting time due to instant download. These books are also made available in the yearly Kolkata Book Fair by the Yogiraj Publications – a publishing house renowned for spiritual literatures. Buyers are requested to provide feedback on Amazon or Flipkart along with rating to facilitate the ranking of the books. They are also requested to spread awareness regarding these books among their reatives and friends and anyone interested in spirituality or Kriya Yoga.