Kriya Yoga Meditation:

Kriya Yoga is the most scientific and the easiest way to achieve mental peace and self - realisation .

Kriya Yoga gives us simultaneous development of our body, mind and soul, it is a non-sectarian practice for the peoples of all religions and faiths.

As per direct perception of great Kriya Yoga Masters like Swami Sri Sri Yukteswar Giri, Paramhamsa Yogananda and Paramhamsa Hariharananda, Kriya Yoga, is the essence of all religions and scientific way to self - reliasation within a short time under the guidence of experienced Masters.

Kri= to do actions;
Ya= doers i.e, soul
and Yoga is union of man with God.

Kriya Yoga teaches us that our soul is doing all actions not the body.