Kriya Yoga Mission is a non-profitable humanitarian and charitable organization founded by Gurudev on 26th of August in the year 2008 at Belgharia, Kolkata to facilitate and support the development and upliftment of various aspects of human life and society. This is a registered organization under the West Bengal Societies Registration Act, 1961. The core foundation of this organization is established on the highest form of Indian Yogic culture and heritage – Kriya Yoga. In addition, it also promotes various activities pertaining to the welfare development of the society.

Being a born altruist, it was natural for Guruji to help people by all possible means, and the presence of Guruma supplemented the noble purpose. Together they have exhibited an exemplary service towards mankind. Devotees and disciples across the globe happily contribute towards the maintenance and continuation of this great cause. Headed by Gurubaba, a committee, comprising Guruma along with 8 selected disciples, has been formed in pursuit of the smooth management of the organization.