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Science without
Religion is Lame,

Religion without
Science is Blind.
Albert Einstein.

Kriya Yoga

(A Non-Sectarian & Scientific practice)


What is Kriya Yoga ???

Kriya Yoga is an old form of yoga therapy born and flourished in India to help and boost meditation and self-judegement among the common people in India. It helps the people of India to get a respite from everyday cares, hassles and worries. In fact, Kriya Yoga in India is a nice revival of Body, Mind & Spirit. It follows some skills , which are very old, tested and scientific. This kind of Yoga does overall development of our body, mind and soul i.e. spirit. The very moment we start doing Kriya Yoga, we can easily and then and there develop ourselves physically, mentally, morally, and spiritually. It is the most scientific and the easiest method to get mental peace and self - realisation in the midst of our life full of worry. Thus, Kriya Yoga is very popular in India

How is Kriya Yoga in India Helpful ???

Kriya Yogais very useful in the daily life in the people of India. Our modern life is full of worries & tensions. Life has become much busy. We have to work hard always to maintain our routine life and to earn our living. In this process our body as well as our mind becomes tired. Moreover, many social troubles also offer some negative effects on our minds and souls. As a sure result, our body and mind lose their strength and vitality. Ultimately, we lose our interest in life and also the aim of human life. Here, Kriya Yoga in India plays a vital role in reviving our lost energy and vitality.

Kriya Yoga in India assists us greatly to revive the lost energy of our body and mind and soul. It helps us to keep fit. This unique kind of meditation and yoga provides nice development of our body, mind and soul, it is a suitable practice for the people of all religions and faiths. Many tired hearts and souls have found peace and relief from stress through Kriya Yoga in India.It also supports in self-realization and the maxim of human life. Meditation is a part of kriyayoga in India. People have also been helped a lot by Meditation in India

Kriya Yoga in Everyday Life

Kriya Yoga is a famous and leading form of yoga which is very useful to the common people in their everyday life. Kriyoga helps the people to have a healthy body and a sound mind. It removes all the stress from our mind. Thus Kriya Yoga helps us to live a peaceful life. It also helps us to stay fine physically. A sound body and mind helps us to live a life free from trouble. Many famous sages and saints have practised Kriya Yoga and thus lived a blissful life. Swarupananda Brahmachari is a master in Kriyayoga. His teaching in Kriya Yoga has helped many troubled souls to get solace and peace of mind. Many people from far and near come to Brahmachari Swarupananda to learn this special form of yoga, named Kriya Yoga. If you are in physical and mental trouble, learn proper Kriyayoga from Brahmachari Swarupananda. Your life will be a blessed one.

Kriya Yoga  Kriya Yoga Prayanama

Great Masters of Kriya Yoga:

As per direct perception of great Kriya Yoga Masters like Swami Sri Sri Yukteswar Giri, Paramhamsa Yogananda and Paramhamsa Hariharananda, Kriya Yoga, has created a secure place in the mind of the pained souls. Besides, it is the essence of all religions and scientific way to self - reliasation. Moreover, under the guidence of experienced Masters and yogacharyas like Acharya Tapankumar Basu or Swarupananda Brahmachari, people are getting the direct benefit of Kriya Yoga within a little period of time. Acharya Tapankumar Basu is a master in the field of Kriyayoga techniques. He has thousands of disciples. His mode of teaching is really matchless. Kriya Yoga includes Meditation in India, Pranayama in India, Yoga in India and other ancient forms of rituals that have great blessing on our mind and soul.

Value of Prayanama and Meditation in India:

Pranayama or Pranayam and Meditation in India are inseperable part of Kriya Yoga. Pranayama and Meditation in India help us in both physical and mental development and growth of any person. They increase our strength of mind and help us to put up with more stress and cares that trouble us often. Prayanama and Meditation in India are highly beneficial to us as they remove many physical and mental trouble and also help in spiritual field. So, if you need the advice of Acharya Tapan Kumar Basu, feel free to call him. Swarupananda Brahmachari is a down to earth yogi. His spiritual touch will surely heal all your stress and cares.

Kri= to do actions;
Ya= doers i.e, soul
and Yoga is union of man with God.

Kriya Yoga in India teaches us that our soul is doing all actions not the body. With the help of Kriya Yoga in India you will be able to lead a stress-free and blessed life.

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